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After all our protests, letter writing, email requests to MPs, court cases and placard waving – the Tories said sorry, there was nothing they could do to stop ULEZ, but now with an election coming up they suddenly think they can help with a “backing drivers bill” , well guess what Tories – you know where you can stick it. Where were you when we needed your support? Asking for ours now?…you are too late.

So although Susan Hall didn’t win, her Driving Charge Notice material did cause a stir and got Labour all in a tizzy. The Police investigation says nothing to see here.

ULEZ is not going away and is still an issue for many – are we paying the fines? This report from The Standard suggests not

Interviews and articles in the days leading up to the election from the Express and Financial Times

It appears ULEZ is not really having much effect as Doubts raised over Sadiq Khan’s clean air claims are reported by the BBC

Sadiq Khan is not adverse to wasting money on vanity projects and the interesting thing here is that the drag act “Duckie Loves Fanny” who got £70k was actually co founded by his overpaid “Night Csar” – very cosy – Order-Order reports. (18/01/24)

Obviously we can’t expect The Guardian to produce a completely positive piece about the anti ULEZ campaign – Richard Sprenger’s film suggests that conspiracy theorists are never far away (11/01/24)

Just as we thought, London is getting slower. A new report by Tom Tom says that London is the slowest city in the World (10/01/24)

As the election year cogs start turning Sadiq Khan has started bribing the RMT by finding extra funds for the pay rise they demanded, without any negotiation, causing a domino effect of demands from other unions (10/01/24)

Happy New Year for some, but many were disappointed by Sadiq Khan’s self serving London Firework display – from the virtue signally commentary to the disorganisation that lead a lot of ticket holders to be locked out. (01/01/24)

Pay per Mile or Road User Charging is in the news with Sadiq Khan refusing to acknowledge the existence of Project Detroit aka Project 2030. Beware – it’s coming our way soon

The Telegraph publishes a leaked report that Sadiq Khan misled the public about the “benefits” of Ulez in radio and newspaper advertisements . Good to see that our complaints were listen to by the ASA. This link is the reproduction by the Daily Sceptic to avoid the Telegraph paywall.

The Daily Mail publishes and article featuring Anti-ULEZ tiktoker Matt Hardy as he spots the Phantom Sticker Man on his rounds

Dubious goings on with billionaires donating funds into organisations that lobby governments to enact net zero or clean-air policies whilst the voting public get no say. Read about it here in the Telegraph (but might be paywalled).

Who could resist the opportunity to ask Sadiq Khan a question face to face – unfortunately he does everything he can to avoid answering, so frustration ensues

Edenbridge doing what we’d all love to do ourselves, burning an effigy of Sadiq Khan on Bonfire Night – now just burn ULEZ too

The ULEZ Camera Van Blockers are out and having a bit of fun

The Tooting Khan-ival in support of Prabhdeep Singh and the hunger strikers #fight2survive made the London News

No one likes the mobile ULEZ Camera Vans, not even the Councils’, here’s one that made them pay – suddenly we all like the traffic wardens!

ULEZ is up and running, don’t forget to use the extra 13 minutes it will save at the end of your life wisely – Channel 4 fact checks here

There should be an investigation into the deputy mayor’s relationship with Imperial College and her previous attempts to persuade scientists to rewrite the science in her favour but for some reason this is being quashed. Don’t let them get away with it

The ULEZ signs are up but something is wrong – seems the signs have been deemed illegal as they don’t advise on the daily charge – detailed in this Daily Mail report

Not long now until the cameras are switched on, but how many of then are still there? Bromley gardeners have been very active said The Times in this report.

This is BIG news. It’s what we’ve known all along. FOI request by the Telegraph has shown that Imperial College are being forced to rewrite their report to fit Sadiq Khan’s narrative.

The pressure is on all the main political parties to water down their most extreme environmental plans as Keir Starmer removes his plans for expanding ULEZ nationwide

Reported by NewsShopper and the Telegraph, the good natured but noisy Bromley protest on 12th August upset someone and led them to puncture 16 tyres across 7 vehicles

Another Anti-ULEZ London protest on 5th August drew a good crown despite the rain and holiday season.

ULEZ has finally become a hot topic with many reports and articles discussing the expansion and the wider implications, here’s a Channel 4 report where they interviewed people at the Wallington protest and a combined it with other views.

Give Us A Brake – The Sun has picked up on the zeitgeist at last and has a five point manifesto covering ULEZ, LTNs, NetZero and the 2030 ban on new petrol and diesel cars

Pay per Mile seems to have hit the headlines today as many of the papers are picking up the story – could this be because Sadiq Khan sees ULEZ slipping away and wants to bring forward the introduction of the PPM scheme sooner rather than later?

More than half of drivers say they are under siege from road schemes like Sadiq Khan’s controversial ULEZ plan. The Daily Mail reports on the poll showing more than half of drivers believe there is a ‘war on the motorist’ in Britain

The BBC’s Tim Donovan covered the Judicial Review helping us decipher what was learned during the hearing.

The opening day of the Judicial Review at the Royal Courts of Justice in London on 4th July was met with a quite lot of media coverage, so the anti ULEZ supporters that came to mark the day were given a chance to put their opinions across to a variety of news outlets. The court proceedings so far are covered on most sites as well as the television news:
BBC – ULEZ: London mayor lacks powers to expand zone, High Court told

Evening Standard – TfL’s claim 9 in 10 drivers would be unaffected is unsubstantiated

The Guardian – London mayor has no legal power to expand Ulez zone, high court told

The Marble Arch Demo on a very hot Sunday 25th June was reported on by the Mail online but was covered by many reporters and camera crews so may pop up again somewhere.

The London Bridge Demo on Saturday 27th was covered by several online news outlets; here is one quite thorough report from the Metro although it does suggest the traffic was blocked which was untrue.

This Crowd Justice case by Ed Gregory is raising funds for a legal challenge. The main thing about this link is all the useful legal updates.

Londoners warned ‘you will pay ULEZ without a car’ as council set to pay ‘£240k in fees a year’ This is the latest information brought to us by MyLondon News. If you can bear to read their add heavy pages and dig into the article, you’ll find that as we all knew anyway, the ULEZ charge will be passed on in many different forms. This is one to explain to the “my car is compliant why should I care” people!

Home Counties anger over London’s ULEZ expansion? BBC South East covered the successful Orpington Anti ULEZ Protest on 13th May with interviews with the organiser and charities affected like Foal Farm Animal Rescue, Biggin Hill. Word of the backlash is spreading however they still keep quoting Sadiq’s Khan and his misleading figures regarding the number of compliant cars

ULEZ expansion: How many Londoners are affected? The BBC have just run a news report discussing the disputed figures, even suggesting that Mr Khan mis-spoke when he was asked about how many people ULEZ would affect. This appears to be a refreshing change from the usual biased reporting as some research is now putting the number of affected vehicles in the proposed expanded zone at 30%

The high court has granted a judicial review. Sadiq Khan’s plans to expand the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) across London are going to be put to the test in court. This is an important step towards getting the extension stopped – read the BBC report here.

Millions of drivers are having their lives destroyed by virtue-signalling politicians What a pertinent headline for this article in The Sun, is this exactly how the millions that will be affected are feeling?

Sadiq Khan’s pay-per-mile plot: if he can’t force ULEZ on us, he has plans to bring forward Pay Per Mile – the Daily Mail reports.

An update from Bexley Council regarding the Judicial Review , the coalition questions the lawfulness of stealth installation of ULEZ cameras and signs

ULEZ expansion: Contested claims examined is an interesting article on the BBC website, despite previous accusations that they are biased in their reporting, and generally in support of the scheme, they appear to have taken some of this on board and we do at least have this generally objective look at what’s going on

The Daily Mail reports on backlash against the cameras, there is growing frustration that the cameras are being put up on traffic lights around the zone

The Evening Standard report suggesting funding being removed from pro-car councils such as Tower Hamlets because the borough mayor is keen to remove much hated low traffic neighbourhood schemes

The Daily Mail coverage of the successful Orpington Awareness day that attracted the support of local farmers and had tractors circling the roundabout