Anti-ULEZ – Hall or Nothing?

So with less than 70 days before the election, and having tried everything we can over the past year to make Sadiq Khan see sense and scrap ULEZ – the time has come to find a way to Vote Khan Out on 2nd May.

We had a strong candidate in Howard Cox who has supported us from day one and has plenty of experience campaigning as the owner of theĀ FairFuelUK pressure group, but this year the Mayoral election is a numbers game. It is now first past the post, and currently there are only two real contenders in the running; Susan Hall who promises to scrap the ULEZ extension on day one, or 4 more years of Sadiq Khan and the misery he would impose on the motorists of London, the Home Counties and beyond.

It is with this realisation that the time has come to look at picking a side, so alongside the continued protests (more about Biggin Hill below), there is some effort from many of the Anti ULEZ campaigners to promote Susan Hall and show that she alone can save London.

Susan Hall may not have the charisma of Boris Johnson, but what she is lacking is the arrogance and the self importance of the current Major, who is more interested in promoting himself. Susan Hall is down to earth and has sensible policies to cut crime, bring back borough policing, actually build houses (not just start building them as Sadiq Khan has), which will appeal to the wider voting public, and she will scrap ULEZ, unwanted LTNs and blanket 20mph limits to get London moving again. As a week is a long time in politics, things can move fast, but it is looking increasingly likely that we will have to put all or effort into supporting her, just to see the back of Sadiq Khan.

Biggin Hill is ULEZ Free

On Saturday 17th February, Biggin Hill was transformed into a Day of the Dead Karn-evil to celebrate the death of ULEZ in the borough. They have completely eliminated the ULEZ cameras and the people can drive freely around the area and decided to host an incredible festival. The main road was transformed with a makeshift stage, bunting, stalls selling No ULEZ merchandise, no ULEZ vehicles and a DJ, and people danced and partied in fancy dress, there was a violin-playing Dinosaur, and speeches from various anti ULEZ names including activist Claire Dyer who masterminded the whole thing. To finish off, there was a funeral procession with a symbolic camera in a coffin.

The protest continue with Croydon Fiveways on 3rd March and Elmers End on 9th – get involved

ULEZ Install Blocking

One of the reasons Biggin Hill has been so successful in removing ULEZ is that they block any installs by peacefully protesting on the spot designated for electrical boxes and poles. This is completely legal and very effective, and is being rolled out across other boroughs as teams of people and locals too are keen to take part. So far Bexley are doing very well with Addington and now Sutton joining in. We will keep finding way to inhibit the system that so may people didn’t want and that we know isn’t needed.

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