This is a special page created solely to support Julie’s ULEZ Map

Julie’s ULEZ Map shows the ULEZ Camera Locations as reported by the public and was updated judiciously by Julie’s Mapping Team throughout the campaign.

Due to the ongoing time required, speed of camera status changes and the lack of reporting in some areas, the map will remain so the locations can be seen but it will no longer be updated.

If anyone would like to offer to keep their local area up to date, please get in touch.

The map is a user created Google Map and I doubt Google ever intended for one to be this complex or this popular. The monitoring of the cameras has been an important in assessing the actual extent of the camera destruction, and to gauge the feeling of resentment at having this forced on us. TFL will never admit to how much disruption this has caused.

The team has also created a website which uses open source mapping and reporting as used by councils for Fix My Street.

How can we support Julie’s ULEZ Map?

Thank you to everyone who donated to the fundraiser over the course of the campaign. The Fundraiser is now closed due to the reduction in server costs.

Where do I find the map?

The latest google map links can be found here:



OpenMap version here:

Alternative Map