The anti ULEZ campaign is run by committed volunteers.

The Action Against ULEZ Campaign produced Flyers, Banners, Stickers, Placards and more to publicise the fight and distribute at events.

Whilst the campaign cannot condone or encourage criminal activities, monies are also used to ensure anyone accused has the appropriate legal representation which they are entitled to, so they get fair treatment under the law.

IMPORTANT: The total amount shown here is not the current balance, but the total raised since the campaign started.

GoFundMe – ACTION AGAINST ULEZ by Nicholas Arlett

This is a fundraiser for financial, legal and political support for anyone arrested for alleged ULEZ based criminal activity such as restricting the view of a camera (not a crime) or going equipped by way of happening to have gardening equipment in your vehicle or about your person (also not a crime).

The team mapped camera locations showing new, damaged or missing and a lot of hard work went into keeping this up to date. The map will still be available, but it will no longer be updated with camera statuses and the project will no longer be taking donations. Thank you to everyone who helped.