The ULEZ Camera Conundrum

The ULEZ Extension will be monitored by cameras, which are going up at an alarming rate on a traffic light near you (in you live in the large expansion zone). Although some councils have refused to allow TFL and Sadiq Khan to install cameras on council property and council owned roads, TFL are allowed to install whatever they fancy on routes that they manage. They are also installing ULEZ signage, the legality of which is being disputed, as discussed here by Bexley Council. These routes cover virtually all the main roads that run through each borough.

This prolificacy means that the chances of avoiding the cameras and finding a sneaky back route to the a school or allotment is severely limited. A freedom of information request to TFL for the exact locations of the cameras was refused on operational grounds so it has been left to us eagle eyed anti ULEZ people to spot the cameras and pass the information on to a few dedicated volunteers to map them.

Whilst the camera team are carefully adding the locations to a Google Map by way of a red pin, they are also being told of cameras that have mysteriously gone missing or have been damaged in some way and recording their position too with a black pin. There are rumours and news stories of cameras being deliberately targeted by way of protest as the peaceful anti ULEZ demonstrations appear to be falling on deaf ears at TFL. Currently two people have been charged with criminal damage but one case has now been dropped the night before a crown court appearance (congratulations Kingsley – common sense prevailed) and the other is on-going, with a not guilty plea, crown court date and a lack of evidence.

Once the camera network is installed and if/when ULEZ revenue falls away, these cameras are destined to watch our every move, first with pay per mile, and if that isn’t bringing in enough money, will they charge for walking and cycling?

This is the link to a page for Julie’s ULEZ Map where you can check the camera locations near you and if you join the ULEZ Camera Locations Facebook group, you can report new, damaged or missing cameras too. Red shows live, black shows dead, dying or disappeared. There is ongoing development to improve the system which is reaching it’s final testing, and donations are welcome to the R&D and hosting fees: Here is the PayPal fundraiser: Julie’s ULEZ map Website and app

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