It feels like everyday new and enlightening ULEZ Facts and Figures come to light – these are in no particular order and will be added to at random. Check out the other pages for news items and YouTube links.

So the first month’s ULEZ figures are in:

TfL said 57,200 drivers in London paid the daily charge in September, raising an estimated £715,000 a day. Around 2,700 drivers a day have been fined, but there is no data on the improvements on air quality and Sadiq will be gone before those are released. Sadiq is still hailing it a success with some spurious percentages.

Do you keep hearing that ULEZ is Boris’s fault or Grant Schapps made him do it?

Have you seen the 2020 Letter that suggests reinstating the existing ULEZ and congestion charge but is misinterpreted? Here are a couple of screenshots of the latest letter from October 2022 and some staunch denials from Sadiq Khan that he had any intention of expanding ULEZ to outer London:

Full Fact seems to agree:

Then there are all the deaths by air pollution – just the one it seems:

It’s not about the money they say, it’s about the air quality – but this kind of income is enough to turn anyone’s head – The current ULEZ zone generated ¬£224,633,003 in 2022, that’s ¬£18.7m a month!

We are all getting fed up hearing the same old misinformation peddled daily or hourly on our chosen media. Today we see new figures for the TFL advertising spend – eyewatering considering it’s our money he’s using. That’s a projected ¬£4,158,636.94 this year.

ULEZ Facts and Figures - TFL ULEZ Extension Advertising Spend

TFL Website – Freedom of information request – advertising spend

3300 CAMERA’S at ¬£14,000 each equals ¬£46.2 million plus the cost of installing the cameras and signage. Think of how these millions could have been put to better use