October ULEZ update

So the battle continues and October has seen plenty of action. The bladerunners continue to be the thorn in the side of TFL, and more and more van blockers are taking on the mobile units, some are even becoming celebrities in their own right. We have @matthardybladerunner and his regular blocking sessions with his entertaining commentary and thousands of views. His catchphrase of “honk if you hate ’em” is a bit of an ear worm and is appearing on placards and tshirts.

Other tiktokers are using the platform to inform, entertain and record proceedings in a variety of ways. We have drone footage and live streaming along with evidence of some unpleasant behaviour from the van security (however, I’ve only met the nice ones!). The van blocking antics have reached a few of the news outlets now, and we have a journalist from the Sun following our story for their YouTube channel.

The Biggin Hill protest on 21st proved to be very popular and lively as t is particularly badly hit by ULEZ, not being served well by public transport and being practically in the country, the expansion wasn’t well received and the local took immediate offence to the installation of the cameras and they generally don’t last very long there. A few newly repaired cameras were duly removed the night before the protest allowing safe passage for many to join in by car. All the usual ULEZ vehicles turned up in force as did Kingsley’s coffin, many dinosaurs and a chicken. The downed camera was hung from the remaining traffic light for all to see, a somewhat powerful moment. They are really imposing close up, not sure many people realise how big they are, their eyes always watching…

Saturday 28th saw the fourth Khan Stop Convoy with groups coming from all corners of London to converge on Marble Arch, whilst concurrent protest convoys took place in several locations in Wales, Devon and Cornwall. The convoy was once again expertly arranged by Keith Steers and the South London lead professionally by Tom Go who kept everyone together admirably. It was quite impressive to see so many vehicles parked up on Marble Arch and we were joined by a crowd who came on foot. once again we spread the word throughout London that we are not giving up the fight.

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