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Events in December 2023–January 2024

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Fri 01 Dec
Sat 02 Dec(1 event)

Sat 02 Dec: Rosehill Anti-ULEZ Protest: 12pm:

Sat 02 Dec

Return to Rosehill - bang in the middle of Sutton, Carshalton, Merton and St Helier estate .
Big roundabout lots of exits and railings for banners.
Sutton is Lib Dem and are saying they want it delayed and Merton are Labour and are all for ULEZ

Let them know what we the voters think of that - bring noise and wear yellow, there will be placards banners and leaflets.

Sun 03 Dec
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Fri 08 Dec
Sat 09 Dec(1 event)

Sat 09 Dec: Hillingdon Anti-ULEZ Protest: 12pm:

Sat 09 Dec

Meet outside Hililngdon Methodist Church, wear hi vis, bring noise and placareds, there will be leafelts banenrs etc. Come and meet MattHardyBladerunner

Sun 10 Dec
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Fri 15 Dec
Sat 16 Dec(2 events)

Sat 16 Dec: Twickenham Anti-ULEZ Protest - Say Goodbye to Mark's Van: 12pm:

Sat 16 Dec

A new venue to send out the Anti ULEZ / Anti Pay Per Mile message. This roundabout in the heart of Twickenham, on the west side of London, should attract a big crowd as it is the last appearance of Mark's famous anti-ULEZ van before it has to go to the big scrappage scheme in the sky


Sat 16 Dec

Time to let our hair down and celebrate all the hard work this year

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