July ULEZ News

Things are hotting up in ULEZ world as we enter the penultimate month.

June ended with a successful ULEZ Convoy around the South and North circular road with around 70 vehicles visiting the proposed ULEZ Expansion border. Despite being the same weekend as Pride and all the Just Stop Oil nonsense, the Stop-ULEZ Con-voy did attract some press attention including a piece in the Sunday Telegraph.

The ULEZ Extension has also been featuring in the news in other ways as there have been criticisms around the way Sadiq Khan is manipulating data and misleading the public about the number of vehicles affected. This article appeared on the BBC website over the weekend.

July 4th marked the first day in the two day Judicial Review hearing brought by the five councils. There was a lively Anti ULEZ presence outside the court reinforcing our feelings and showing our support, with plenty of media coverage with journalists from the main channels and newspapers as well as Talk TV and GB News. More details about the further hearing can be found on the Crowd Justice site which has a lot of information.

Events this month include:

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