Despite the Mayor’s claims a mere 100,000 vehicles will need to pay the ULEZ charge, the RAC has found that 700,000 will be affected, and this is only the ones that are inside the proposed extended zone. There are many more just outside Greater London who will also have to pay £12.50 to drive a mile or so away from their house or business.

Those with vehicles affected by ULEZ can apply for the scrappage scheme, but it is economically and environmentally unsound, and is so paltry that barely anyone will benefit from it.

Many people have signed up to vehicle finance. They are stuck with non compliant cars and can’t afford to get out of the contract, whilst the cars they are paying for are reducing in value at an alarming rate. There are so many examples of vehicles affected by ULEZ that haven’t been given any consideration.

The BBC have just run a news report discussing these disputed figures:

ULEZ expansion: How many Londoners are affected?

Here is a link to the RAC article

If you have a ULEZ compliant vehicle, you will still be affected in other ways – here’s a few of them

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