June ULEZ News – a busy month ahead

So as we find ourselves moving towards the madness of mid summer, we are having to put the pressure on. The Anti ULEZ campaign is still going strong and there are many events and demos lined up.

We kicked off June with a Barking ULEZ Awareness Day on the 1st followed by a successful, well attended Anti-ULEZ Demo at Rosehill Roundabout on Saturday 3rd. This event was attended by many regulars along with local people, and the MP for Carshalton and Wallington Elliot Colburn who hosts his own Anti-ULEZ awareness event on 10th June.

The 9th June saw the court appearance of the two people accused of vandalising the ULEZ cameras, with a quiet group of supporters turning up to the court, the outcome isn’t yet clear, with insufficient evidence, delayed dates and a Crown Court appearance . Updates to follow.

Events this month include

Whilst the radio adverts for the Ultra Low Emission Zone continue unabated with their alarmist suggestion that we will all die without it, the BBC has, as usual, managed to upset us by allowing the Imperial College to get their point across with a letter written by 35(or 36) scientists apparently, but the content of the letter suggests “Mainstream politicians have been attending rallies run by conspiracy theorists”. This is simply propaganda and untrue, and doesn’t feel like the sort of thing a real unbiassed scientist would say, so I suspect that these “scientists” have an agenda of their own to push, or have been paid to do so. The BBC should really question their sources more closely.

Sadiq Khan continues to push his personal agenda wherever anyone will listen. This is covered in an article for the evening standard he seems to suggest that if ULEZ isn’t expanded to Greater London, it will affect air pollution in cities across the world. I worry that somehow his mental health is suffering I think he has delusions of grandeur and should stick with managing London , not worrying about the rest of the world. He seems to be trying to block any sensible debate and the quote about the ULEZ opposition debate is “dogma ahead of data, [and] ideology above evidence” can also be used the other way around

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