Late May Anti-ULEZ news and events round up

We had another busy week of exciting events leading up to London Bridge Protest on 27th May.

On 24th May a group of our regulars risked the early evening throngs at the Southbank Centre to make our feelings know to Sadiq Khan outside his book launch, whilst few hardy individuals braved the the boredom to make their point inside the event. There was a bit of disruption, not enough to spoil the event, just enough to get our point across directly to the man who is making so many lives a misery right now.

On Friday there was a Judicial Review Appeal and to our delight the four councils involved were given a further two grounds to review making a total of four out of five to take to the high court on 4th July.

On Saturday we held our London Bridge event where we were very visible to everyone crossing the bridge. There were a lot of people passing who were there for a day out from the suburbs and beyond, many giving us their full support as they also have had trouble with anti-traffic measures locally, and support too from Austrian teenagers who stopped to chat, an American here with his British wife, and two French guys who totally understood our yellow jacket protest against the lack of democracy.

London Transport Buses and Taxis gave us hoots of support. There are a lot of cyclists who use the bridge crossing too – some of them were very rude, but there are many cyclists who don’t agree with ULEZ either who did give us the thumbs up.

The event was well attended with an estimated 2,000 attendees, noisy and good natured. We got coverage on the main online news channels, not always quite getting all the facts correct (have complained), but good that the message is spreading.

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