The London Mayoral Race begins

Update 19th July – the Tory membership have voted Susan Hall to be their Mayoral Candidate. She has plenty of experience in standing up to Sadiq Khan so the fight is on.

So the competition to be the next London Mayor is hotting up now that the Conservatives have 8 candidates to choose from. They need to narrow it down to 3 to put to the party membership, let’s hope they choose wisely.

We really need a strong anti ULEZ candidate with a personality to ride the storm. One that will appeal to non-Tory voters, who will be keen to express their displeasure at the current administration, and those disenfranchised Tory voters looking to send a message to the Government.

The Greens have a candidate lined up, the Lib Dems haven’t decided yet and you know who Labour have chosen. Reform has a very strong Anti ULEZ contender with Howard Fox, but will he attract enough of the Labour opposition to beat the Conservative candidate, or will he split the Anti ULEZ vote enough to let Sadiq Khan back in? This is a big concern we need to put all our voting might behind one strong candidate and get behind them in the forthcoming campaign.

The race is on – watch this space!

Here is the BBC’s list of candidates:

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