ULEZ News Recap…29 days to go

The last two weeks have been quite eventful and have pushed ULEZ up the news agenda.

On 19th July the Conservative Party announced that Susan Hall would be their candidate for London Mayor in next May’s election. She has promised to stop ULEZ on day one, we remain to see what other policies she has, but we know she is a fierce opponent to Sadiq Khan so that alone is a good thing.

On the 20th July, a close result at the Uxbridge by-election saw the Tories retain the seat that Labour thought they would easily steal. This loss was purely down to the anti ULEZ sentiment and pushed ULEZ into the spotlight.

The protest outside the BBC Broadcasting centre on 22nd July also drew more attention than usual, partly due to the raised awareness, partly due to the location. Well done to the hardy campaigners who stayed through the rain and kept theirs spirits high. See the Brown Car Guy coverage here and more footage from our very own reporter who is always on the spot Phil Ade.

The next big news was the impending result of the Judicial Review which arrived at 10am on 28th. Although it is clear to us all that ULEZ is wrong and had been pushed through with inadequate consultation, the result didn’t go our way and the process was deemed lawful. It’s not the result we were hoping for but not really surprising.

One thing that has come out of this result and the preceding week, is a greater awareness to the problems created by ULEZ across London and the home counties and issues with other traffic schemes further afield. We are now seeing a possible rethink on LTNs and even NetZero.

This isn’t over yet.

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