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Uxbridge Election Update

In the lull before the results of the Judicial Review we suddenly find ourselves in the middle of an important and rather exciting by-election. The resignation of Boris Johnson left a gap in London’s political landscape and the anti-ULEZ campaigners spotted a gap in the candidacy and put themselves forward for election. The timing means they had a big challenge to spread the word around the Uxbridge and South Ruislip constituency in a short amount of time. The two main independent candidates are Kingsley Hamilton and Leo “NoUlezLeo” Phaure who are both very active in the Anti-ULEZ movement and have made quite an impression. They are up against a further 15 candidates.

A couple of months ago, Kingsley was unfortunately arrested for criminal damage to ULEZ cameras, and following a pending trip to the Crown Court – all charges were dropped before the court appearance. Kingsley has strong connections to the Uxbridge area as he has a son who needs ongoing treatment at Harefield Hospital, worked for Hayes FM, and has family members who live in the area. He is a active member of his local community, working for charity and willing to help out wherever he can. He has a lot of energy and a strong sense of justice.


Leo has been involved with the anti-ULEZ campaign from the early days with his very distinctive Hymer motorhome making an appearance at the early Trafalgar Square demo and subsequent Convoys and Protests. He lives in Uxbridge where his wife is a teacher and his children attend local state schools. He had stated that he wants to improve social care and has some ideas on how to support schools and the health service. He also has strong ideas on how to push back against the ULEZ cameras in the borough.


On 13th July a husting took place at Brunel University and was hosted by Hillingdon Vision. It was attended by 11 out of the 17 candidates, notable absence from Labour’s Danny Beales. I suspect he didn’t fancy answering any questions about ULEZ in case it made him look even worse than he does already with his perfectly timed “u-turn lite”. The hustings was live streamed, but the university had trouble with the sound which meant a lot of the answers went unheard. I believe they are going to make an improved version of the recording available at some point

The hustings can be seen here:


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