Sadiq Khan ignored residents, ignored the consultation and ignored his own paid for research that said the ULEZ expansion would have negligible impact on air pollution and expanded ULEZ to Outer London.

The £12.50 per day ULEZ tax has been absolutely devastating for people who cannot afford to go to work, get to the hospital or visit their family. 

It is those on the lowest incomes who are most likely to own non-compliant cars and are hit by this tax, as well as carers, parents, patients and sole traders, they are feeling the effects of this regressive tax, along with people who live on the outskirts of London and have to travel in.

I have been campaigning against the ULEZ expansion since the beginning. It is nothing but a tax on hardworking Londoners, in places where public transport alternatives are few and far between. 

As Mayor, I will scrap it on day one. No ifs, no buts. 

In its place, I will set up a £50 million Pollution Hotspots fund to tackle air pollution where it is, instead of taxing people everywhere. We all want cleaner air, but it should not come at the expense of the poorest. 

Please support Susan for Mayor, let’s get ULEZ scrapped and get London moving again. If you want to find out more or can help the campaign in any way please let us know: